Rafting in the Neretva Canyon

Conditions and Rules

Rafting on the Neretva river stands out as a highly popular activity during summer
region. The river itself originates in the Dinaric Alps and flows southward toward
the Adriatic Sea.
The surrounding of the Neretva River exposes a diverse range of scenery, from
rugged mountains to lush greenery, creating visually stunning moments
throughout the rafting journey. City of Konjic, acting as a gateway to this
adventure, not only offers the excitement of navigating the river’s rapids but also
provides a visual feast of the natural beauty.
Rafters can anticipate a mix of exhilarating rapids and tranquil stretches as they
navigate the river’s twist and turns. The crystal clear waters add to overall charm,
offering a refreshing respite from the summer heat.
Price: starting at 80euro/person
The price includes:
Outfit for rafting (neoprene suit, boots , helmet, life jacket)
 Professional guides
 Showers and Lockers
 Changing Rooms
Available upon request: Transports from Split and Dubrovnik

Konjic Rafting Itinerary:
Arrive at meet-up point
 Proceed to equipment fitting area
 Meet your guides and get briefed on the safety guidelines
Embark on a half day rafting journey including breaks for the lunch and
taking photos
Late afternoon:


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100,00 $ /person
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