Mostar and its Surroundings Heritage Tour

Explore the cultural richness of Mostar, wander through its charming old town, and witness the tradition of jumping off the iconic Old Bridge. Journey into history at Herceg Stjepan's Fort, experience spiritual tranquility at Blagaj Tekke, and savor rich Bosnian cuisine by the riverside. Conclude your day trip with the natural wonder of Kravice Waterfalls, offering a serene contrast to the historical marvels of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Visiting and exploring Mostar along with other notable places like Herceg Stjepan fortress, Blagaj Tekke, Pocitelj and Kravice Waterfalls is fantastic way to make most of your visit to the southern part of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Combining these attractions in a single visit allows you to explore the diverse aspects of this region, from its historical and cultural heritage in Mostar and Pocitelj to the natural beauty of Kravica Waterfalls and spiritual tranquility at Blagaj Tekke and Herceg Stjepan fortress.

Below is the summary of what you can expect from the tour:

Mostar: Mostar is the cultural and historical gem of the region, known for its iconic Old Bridge and well preserved Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture. Explore charming old town, stroll centuries old cobblestone narrow streets, visit bustling bazzars, and witness tradition of jumping down 24 m high bridge.

Herceg Stjepan’s Fort:  The centuries old medieval Herceg Stjepan’s fort is journey into region’s history. It is a medieval fortress with stunning views of town Blagaj, the Buna River, and surrounding landscapes.

Blagaj Tekke: The Blagaj Tekke is a Dervish monastery located near the Buna River, providing peaceful and spiritual experience. The site has cultural and historical significance and is set against a beautiful natural backdrop. The setting is tranquil and the architecture is amazing.

Lunch In Blagaj: Experience rich flavors of Bosnian cuisine next to the riverside ambiance.

Pocitelj: Pocitelj is well preserved Ottoman-era village featuring cobble stone streets, and medieval fortress. It offers insights into the architectural and historical heritage of the region.

Kravice Waterfalls: The Waterfalls are natural wonder with cascading emerald green waters. It is an ideal place to unwind, swim, and appreciate the lush surroundings. It offers a serene contrast to the historical sites on this one day trip.



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